Friday, March 22, 2002

First, I love Asystole too. New recs are going up in April, so I can collect my fic and my thoughts and my mind, but for what it's worth, Maayan's pretty universally right. Additionally, Shaye's recs are worth the price of admission, and I haven't read half of 'em yet. I need to spend more time reading Alara's stuff. I haven't quite formulated an opinion yet, even though I've been reading her stuff for years, since back in the days of Q and 7 and Xavier and Magneto. What I do know is that Alara has love and respect and perspective on Scorpius, and that's enough, for now, that's enough.

As for Babylon 5, there's not enough good fic, yet, not that I can see. and "yet" is a funny word for a fandom that's been around so long, but if you ever doubted it was beautiful, visit my new wallpaper. there's something about Minbari...

Space opera, hm? quite. Honestly -- and I'm not the first or the last to say it, even today, even this hour -- but there's nothing like science fiction to allow for the stories we want to tell about war and love and peace. To allow for a utopia where love means victory, where together we are the One.

Currently, I'm trying to figure out if it translates. I mean, across series, barriers, narratives. "The Sisko is of Bajor, but he will find no comfort there." "A Minbari not born of Minbari."

John and Delenn are the One, the right people in the right place at the right time. they fall in love despite that, for that, with and in it, because it was Destiny.

John and Aeryn? is there some connection between Humans and Sebaceans, some need fulfilled by their togetherness? I tend to see them at odds. tend to see their relationship, their attraction existing despite all the forces in the universe conspiring against them. Where our John and Delenn were brought together by cosmic forces too great to ignore.

As far as the fairy tale is As far as I'm concerned, the against-all-odds approach seems more appealing. a rockier path, more conflict, scarier somehow, more romantic, more violent, more vital.

But why, then, do I buy John and Delenn so much more? they had almost no conflict -- so rare in television romance, so rare in love affairs of that magnitude. What they did, they did side by side, together. Aeryn and John work at cross-purposes. when they work together, it's contrived, or bizarre, or for the good of the crew. They're their best when they're fighting, hiding behind phase pistols because they can't admit the force of their attraction. sex is love is hate is love. Because they're so afraid for their feelings. because they're not used to this sort of thing.

John and Delenn eased into it, and it was the simplest thing in the world. "I will share command of the Rangers with you." "As co-sponsor of Babylon 5, I concur." "We are there."

We are there.

I'm such a sap, and I never buy it. never. These too-perfect relationships, these too-perfect Chosen heroes. John Sheridan is far more of a textbook hero than John Crichton, but somehow...somehow it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Because he has Delenn, yes. Because it is actually no more and no less than his love for Delenn that pushes back the darkness. That is the entire shape of it. Love conquers all. Amazing.

the parable would say, we will all go down together. The parable would say, in the face of overwhelming odds, hold my hand as we walk bravely into the fire. The parable would say, fingers entwined, they stepped through the snow, and where they stepped, flowers sprung up in their path.

I believe that kind of fictional love. I want to believe. and next to that, what John and Aeryn have is maybe too human? too edgy? And this from the girl who thought Mulder and Scully hated one another. This from the girl who paired Kira with Dukat.

I don't think it's the fairy tale romance I'm looking for, per se. I think it's the power of that romance. the believability of the love. Whether it's for the good of the universe, the Army of Light, or just a chance to brush your hand in the maintenance bay and feel that much better for it. Just once, before we go back to work.

I've grown quite different, in my old age. Or then, maybe not. Because Dan and Casey will remain the pinnacle of romance, for me. the height of partnership. The breadth of love. And what that is, in the space of the office, against the network, against all odds, is the touch of a hand or the exchange of a glance --

"I wouldn't trade these last ten years with you for anything, Danny. Seriously, not for anything."

And it's closer to John and Delenn than it is to John and Aeryn. It just is.

Partnership, I suppose, in all its guts and glory.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Sabine wrote a Babylon 5 story instead. it's entirely imperfect, but it wanted to be done. I suspect more B5 will follow.

But for now, as far as things that are good, and beautiful, and brilliant, we have Pene's I Give You More Lives Than You Can Count. with exactly the right Aeryn. And John and a baby and a fence, and blue people that come in threes. This world that's entirely alien, and entirely human, and perfect. This is not the house that pain built.

Pene is doing a thing with Aeryn that I haven't seen done yet, that I would do if I could write Aeryn, which I can't. but she can, and she does marvelously. Because this Aeryn is not a mother, not a lover, not a housewife, not family. Aeryn is a Peacekeeper, even if they don't have jobs available for "people in her condition." even if she doesn't clean the floor until two days later.

Pene, that is, is the tallest genius in the world. and if you are reading this, you should be reading that. Because there's an Aeryn there worth talking about.