Saturday, May 25, 2002

New graphic, in honor of Maayan's "Red Shift," currently in beta over here. In honor of "Hard/Work," and, since you asked, yeah, I've gotten a handful of mailbombs and about three pieces of approximately positive feedback. A protective fandom this is, indeed. Ah well. I write for myself, anyhow. And sometimes for Pene.

Then there's the new thing I'm working on -- described it to M. as "Gehenna meets Planet of the Apes" and described it to Pene even more vaguely, because she needs to help. And lurking somewhere in the background is Lennier, poised to fall in love.

Whence came the Farscape renaissance? Somewhere between M meeting SR and my Scorpius action figure looking at me at work. Somewhere between LE writing Aeryn and Consuela talking to me about Xenophilia. Somewhere, most specifically, between New York and New Jersey, between me and Pene.

And I haven't read in a while but I'm looking at "Red Shift" now, and it's big, and it's new, and it's a perfect place to (re)start. You'll see. *g*

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Sometimes it's nice to read entirely positive reviews. Sometimes it's just good to know that other people are having as much fun as we are. with a grain of salt: "I've Got Your Warp Drive Here, Pal", courtesy SR.
Consuela said I'd be drawn and quartered. And I've never written Aeryn POV before. that said:

[Hard/Work], set in between "The Choice" and "Fractures" with this very particular Aeryn that maybe only exists in my crazy brains. stranger things have happened. SR had questions about the clinicalness of it all; Consuela had questions about the rough edges. I had questions about Crichton. I don't know.