Tuesday, June 11, 2002

As of this hour, aqui esta a spoiler zone. Saw Farscape 401 and 402, won't spoil 402 until after Friday. But US airdates are my sandbox and I don't know how to whitefont in this template and haven't tried especially hard to learn. *g*

relaying message, creating friendly spoiler space Maayan, come to the NYC con after Burbank. SR and I promise to be hospitable and delightful hosts. /relaying message

Oh and while we're at it:

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And it wasn't even rigged.

Crichton Kicks. mmm, could've been written by us chickens. A splash of cofax, dollop of Maayan, just a sprinkling of me, all the post-322s colliding because apparently this was the bit where we all got Crichton right.

Consummate DK episode, said SR, appropriately. twisty characterization grounded in supersonic breathless action, backs against the wall. With more than a touch of hysteria. That's the way I like Crichton -- determined and edgy and crazy -- and rising to the challenge like an embittered Jedi in the knee-boots and white robe. Turns out he is stuck being a good guy (in Cambridge, Maayan whispers, "I told you so"), with genuine compassion beyond selfishness and beyond singleminded hero dreams. Not in an "everything I do, I do for you" way, but rather in a cowboy drawl, "stick with me, kid, we'll go places."

and so of course there's our girl Sputnik, who I warmed to quite quickly though she won't have a chance to develop a character of her own till Jool's toast (we hardly knew ye!) and till we see her interact with the rest of the crew. Still, promising. I like her with Crichton, like her with Rygel (shades of early Chiana?), and the Sikozu/Chiana girlfight was the tastiest one since Xena.

I'm waffling on Crichton's pull toward Aeryn and the baby, but I think that's partly because 401 and 402 are blurred in my mind and I can't remember which things he said when. So I'll hold off on that, especially since 402 was a cliffhanger and there will be more to say after we get our hands on 403, 404, and 405 next week (godwilling). I'll take a "that's mine!" for the beach with Harvey and the bikini, and I'll tell you, if there was one thing I missed in Crichton Kicks, it was the vinyl-clad bunny chewing up Crichton's brain.

I mean. Kid's alone long enough to grow one mean-ass beard, then spends a good chunk of time spewing wormhole data aboard the dying Leviathan -- where's Harvey? I just don't think it's plausible that Crichton would have silenced his doppelganger in that environment -- John's too talky a guy. He likes to mumble out loud, bounce ideas around, sing to himself (speaking of which! 1812! Greatest DRD since the late great Pike! mmm, DRD Pike...) -- I won't believe Harvey wasn't right there with him. Here's where the format of TV has to bend a little to make room for the content, so we'll just pretend all the Harvey scenes happened off-camera.

I dunno, man. I'm fucking thrilled. was the best I could have hoped for and better than most, Crichton and some needy strangers trapped alone on a dying ship. Shades of the Premiere, but this Crichton is a nutbar compared to that white boy astronaut who ricocheted off the turnip truck in 101. Total crackpot, and more sane, too. Layers of buried personality emerging. Which has got to be a relief for the poor guy -- took him three years in space and godknows how many years back on Earth for him to shake off the high school kid facade and let himself babble and sing and go after what he wants and not be afraid to climb mountains just because they're there.

Maybe Aeryn's leaving taught him that, taught him to look after Sputnik and work on the wormholes and not leave the new Pilot alone to die. Maybe it took her leaving to get him to stop running toward the future and start dealing with the stuff in his hands, in front of his face. I mean, baby Crichton might have kicked, but John Crichton didn't look like he was in a hurry to get anywhere in particular. He was open to possibility, for the first time, taking things as they came.

Makes for a promising season, dude.